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This Is Who We Are

Steaped is a tea and beverage retail store that provides specialty tea, sold loose or served hot, and signature blended iced tea beverages. Our creative recipes are refreshing with an attractive Western influence. Besides tasting great, our teas provide numerous health benefits such as helping with diabetes, heart disease and weight loss.

Visiting a Steaped location, you will immediately be enticed by the soothing tea aroma. Our stores are modern, clean and revitalizing, a perfect spot for customers looking for that perfect beverage or trying their next favorite tea infusion.

We invite our customers to ask questions, enjoy the endless flavors and absorb the many health benefits of tea. Our staff is unique to Kuala Lumpur, as knowledgeable tea enthusiast we provide a Western influenced customer service approach that is conversational in nature, builds strong relationships and encourages repeat business.


How to taste tea –Look, smell,touch, taste

Tea is the foundation of all our beverages, thus we must understand all the fundamentals and subtleties that make our product’s great. Find out why we love tea and its health benefits


Company Culture

“Eat good, feel good, live good”

Insights & Inspiration


``To explore great tasting, healthy tea blends and share them with the world”