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Health FAQ

Research suggests that drinking at least three cups of either black or green tea per day reduces the risk of stroke and cancer. The key ingredient to this is – Antioxidants.

Studies shows that Polyphenols are likely the key component to what makes tea a healthy drink. These chemical compounds act as antioxidants, which fight against free radicals in the body.  The list of other health benefits goes on, we encourage you to further visit our blog for updated news on TEAS and learn more about why we are so passionate about teas.

A key to feeling your best is to avoid food and beverages that contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. We’re proud to offer only premium loose leaf teas that does not contain artificial flavourings. We only blend with organic compliant natural essences (extracts), which means our teas do not contain artificial coloring, flavoring, and pesticides.

Artificial flavoring contains synthetic components and/or chemicals of a flavor that are produced artificially from esters. Natural essences in our flavoured blends stabilize the flavor and are extracts obtained from the essential oils of organic compliant blossoms, fruits and plants.

There are number of research and reports out there that provides guidelines for the amount of sugar intake per day. The difficult part is that a lot of them have different statistically figures, however, the Government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) gives guidance on the consumption of free sugars to 90g per day. To put things in perspective the type soda pop contains 35g.

The answer is…it depends on the tea! Because some of our blends have big chunks of fruit, chocolate and other great stuff, they don’t always stay fresh as long as our traditional straight teas. To keep your teas fresh, always store them in a cool, dry, dark place and keep them well sealed.

To make sure you’re always getting the best cup of tea possible, we recommend you follow these guidelines:

  • Teas and infusions with fruits and nuts: consume within 6 months from date of purchase
  • Straight teas: consume within 12 months from date of purchase

Caffeine from natural sources has been consumed and enjoyed by humans throughout the world for centuries. The widespread natural occurrence of caffeine in a variety of plants undoubtedly played a major role in the long-standing popularity of caffeine incorporated products, especially the beverages.

The human body requires a certain amount of caffeine and research indicates that up to 10 – 12 cups of tea daily will not have any detrimental effect on the body. The species or the variety of the tea plant determines content of caffeine in tea, as it is a genetic feature. Camellia Sinensis, the variety that is grown in Sri Lanka has caffeine levels of approximately 2.5 – 4%. However the distribution of caffeine in the plant depends on the part of the plant it is derived from.

For example:

  • Bud 4.70 %
  • First leaf 4.20 %
  • Second Leaf 3.50 %
  • Third Leaf 2.90 %
  • Upper stem 2.50 %
  • Lower stem 1.40 %

Both tea and coffee contain the methylated xanthines, caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Brewed coffee is said to have the highest caffeine content among those dietary items containing caffeine- approx. 100 mg per cup. A 300-ml bottle of cola has 30- 60-mg caffeine and approx. 37-mg caffeine is there in 56g dark chocolate bar. There are a wide variety of drug products that contain caffeine- typically 200 mg per tablet or capsule (pharmacologically active dose of caffeine). A cup of tea has approx. 28 –44 mg caffeine- (FDA 1980).

The quantity of caffeine in tea, on dry solids basis, is more than the quantity of caffeine in an equal weight of dried coffee beans. However, as a result of getting more cups of tea from a unit quantity of black tea than from an equal quantity of ground coffee beans, the quantity of caffeine per cup of tea is less than the caffeine in an equal cup of coffee.

Excessive caffeine is said to have adverse effects on the human system and brewed tea has only half the caffeine levels in brewed coffee. However, it is important to note that research proves that the presence of caffeine in tea does not produce unhealthy results due to its combination with tea polyphenols.

For personal health questions, your best bet is always to speak to your healthcare provider. All of our teas have detailed ingredient lists, so you have the all the info you need to ask your doctor whether specific blends or ingredients are right for you. We do however provide herbal drink alternatives that does not contain caffeine like rooibos. For our full list of herbal teas please visit our product page.

Our aim is to have fun, healthy and tasty tea for everyone so we strive to create unique blends from all sorts of wonderful ingredients. As such, ingredients that we use can contain traces of nuts, dairy and wheat. Most are only trace level and once infused in a cup of tea these ingredients are very low. If you do have any allergies to any of the above mentioned, would recommend you to look closely at our ingredients list located on each of our tea blends.


Our teas are sourced from various locations from all over the world. From South Africa, India, China to Japan and Argentina. Come visit our retail shops for further review of our teas.

Shopping FAQ

We are currently working with retail outlets to find the best possible locations to fill your tea drinking needs in the city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Please visit our sites for the latest updates.

If any of our products do not meet your expectations, we want to know. As such, please email and include your order number and a description of the reason. We will gladly offer a credit note for your purchase within thirty (30) days of receipt of the returned merchandise.

For all questions please contact us via email at We will respond to your inquires ASAP.

Unfortunately, at this time our products are only available for purchase in-store. We will be offering online purchasing and international shipping shortly.

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