Why we created Steaped?


Why we created Steaped? One of the first question a lot of our clients ask is “What made you decide to start Steaped?” The simple answer to this question is HEALTH. We wanted to educate and provide a business where we positively influence people within our community, a place where those that are health conscious

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大马搵食Kaki Review on Steaped!


【Jio Jio喝茶咯!这次去喝 普洱、乌龙 和 绿茶!不是中国和日本式的,而是加拿大🇨🇦style流行的健康茶饮呀喂!】 Pavilion & Sunway Verocity均有分店的《Steaped》健康茶饮,源自于加拿大🇨🇦概念~挑选世界各地最好的茶叶 研发mix出超过200种口味!这里有多达75种天然茶叶供选择~都以 白(白茶)、青(绿茶)、黑(黑茶)、蓝(普洱)、紫(乌龙)、红(南非茶) 和 黄(花茶) 6种颜色为标签! 《Steaped》有5大组Signature Drinks,分别是Green Teas、Matcha Teas、Black Teas、Herbal 和 南非红茶Rooibos!5组就有16样各种口味独特的靓Tea哦!特别推荐的就有<Green Tea绿茶系列>的 Watermelon Hibiscus 和 Silly Ole Bear ~分别是 西瓜🍉 和 鲜橙🍊 各与 绿茶 和 Hibiscus 调制而成,清甜爽口的好好喝! 喜欢抹茶微微苦涩的人可以选择 Matcha Lemonade…是抹茶和柠檬🍋调制的 酸酸带有点点苦涩抹茶味 就感觉好健康哦!要不就 蝶豆花茶 和 柠檬🍋 调制的 酸酸带有香气的 Butterfly Lemonade 也是不错的选择哦!除此之外,这里一样有 <Steaped Tea> 的饮料选择的!茶 和 咖啡 都有 多好啊! 喜欢在家泡茶的茶友们也可以在这里购买茶叶,有多达75种来自多个国家的茶叶选择!每种茶叶冲泡的

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Opening Sunway Velocity


Steaped Sdn Bhd is excited to announce the opening of our first store location at Sunway Velocity Malaysia in early 2017. We invite you to enjoy our original signature tea beverages and over 70 tea blends, with flavours for every taste palette. Originating out of Vancouver, Canada, it’s our honour to bring our vision to

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Steaped Products and Services


Steaped offers traditional tea beverages with a modern twist. Our drinks are served hot or cold and are infused with fresh fruit juice and complimentary ingredients. Our products represent a healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, and provide all the benefits offered by tea and fruit. What differentiates our product from our competitors

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