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Sparkling Lemongrass Grind

Sparkling Lemongrass Grind

Ingredients: Black Tea, Lemongrass, Lemons, and sparkle

Our Sparkling Lemongrass Grind drink will bring you back to the beaches of Thailand! Blends of lemongrass and Black tea plus a zing of lemons keep this flavor light and bright while bringing a tropical freshness to your daily life. It delivers a clean dose of immune and digestive benefits while at the same time help lower your cholesterol level and reduce blood pressure. One of our fan favourites, give this drink a try if you are ready for some sparkle!

Health Benefits:
-Rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins
-Helps digestions
-Controls Cholesterol levels
-Cleanses and Detoxifies
-Heals Colds and Flu
-Help Fights Cancer
-Reduces Arthritis Pain