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Rooibos Tea: Non-Caffeinated, Healthy and Delicious


It wasn’t until a few years ago that we tried our first cup of Rooibos as it was not a well-known drink in our city.  The beverage has more recently made a name for itself and I can honestly say, if you enjoy the taste of Rooibos like we do, there are many delicious options available to you like our Iced Coconut Cinnamon Rooibos.  

With all teas, the discovery of Rooibos prompted us to explore the many secrets of this South African beverage.  

Rooibos goes by several names including bush tea and redbush tea.  But what is fascinating about this beverage is its revitalizing effects on one’s health.  For one, it is a non-caffeinated beverage, so it can be consumed throughout the day and is a great before bed.   Many also choose this tea because it prevents wrinkles and promotes healthy hair growth.  

Health Benefits

Rooibos is one of the healthiest beverages we serve and has enough benefits to fill a book.    

Rooibos contains a large amount of antioxidants, some say 50 times more than green tea!  These antioxidants work to counter free radicals in the body that can damage cells and cause cancer.  Besides its cancer fighting properties, the beverage is also known help with headaches, insomnia and premature aging.

A nicely brewed cup has properties that boost the immune system as it contains calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and many other health boosting properties.  We’ve discovered a lot of information and have created 5 reasons to choose Rooibos:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:  Rooibos contain Polyphenols which are antioxidants that fight the unstable cells that attack healthy cells.  These antioxidants boost the immune system and can fight colds, viruses and the flu.  
  2. Stress Reliever: Rooibos contains Quercetin, a property that reduces high blood pressure and can help in preventing heart conditions like heart disease, hearth attacks and strokes.
  3. Improves Teeth and Bones: This tea is rich in calcium, manganese and fluoride minerals which can strength both teeth and bones and can reduce the development of conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.
  4. Improve Respiratory System: Rooibos is a bronchodilator which helps improve breathing and airflow to the lungs.  
  5. Improve Digestion: Rooibos contains antispasmodic agents which can aid in digestion and relieve stomach pain.  

We would be lying if we said that is all Rooibos can do. The truth is that every day, there are more discoveries of the positive effects Rooibos has on the body and we look forward to sharing them with you in future posts. 

Beyond all the ways it can improve your wellbeing, Rooibos tastes great and we’re excited to offer many original and delicious blends.  

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