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Why we created Steaped?


Why we created Steaped?

One of the first question a lot of our clients ask is “What made you decide to start Steaped?” The simple answer to this question is HEALTH. We wanted to educate and provide a business where we positively influence people within our community, a place where those that are health conscious can feel good about drinking our signature drinks and our teas. We wanted to bring back the tradition of drinking teas and revolutionize the tea market by inspiring new traditions. Fresh ingredients and unique tea blends using only natural ingredients, just like how nature provided it. No artificial flavouring, synthetic additives or carcinogenic ingredients used. After all, research and statistics shows that up to 70% of premature death can be prevented via our lifestyles, so our question is why give DEATH an upper hand? We challenge you to make your change today, come down to steaped and enjoy what we have to offer, if it is not up to your expectations let us know and we will make it right!

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